Hermeneutics in Real Life

The importance of hermeneutics to non-academic spheres.



Inaugural Online Course: 

The Hermeneutics in Real Life project is open to anyone interested in the application of hermeneutics. The project includes online resources and a monthly, hour long, online discussion on topics applying hermeneutics to various areas of real life.

While hosted by Ricoeur scholars, the invitation to participate is extended to the entire hermeneutics community, including those new to the field.

Hermeneutic Themes: Viewed Across Different Areas of Practice

The goal is one of seeking to understand, which includes:

Background Themes

 “The choice in favor of meaning is . . . the most general presupposition of any hermeneutics.”

    -- Paul Ricoeur, “Phenomenology and Hermeneutics,” From Text to Action, 38

“The hermeneutical consciousness culminates not in methodological sureness of itself, but in the same readiness for experience that distinguishes the experienced [person] from the [person] captivated by dogma.”

    -- Hans-Georg Gadamer, Truth and Method, 362

“The hermeneutical experience . . . has its own rigor: that of uninterrupted listening.”  

    -- Gadamer, Truth and Method, 465

 “One of the aims of all hermeneutics is to struggle against cultural distance.”

    -- Ricoeur, “What is a Text,” From Text to Action, 119

“Interpretation here, then, does not refer to the sense intended, but to the sense that is hidden and has to be disclosed. In this sense every text not only presents an intelligible meaning but, in many respects, needs to be interpreted.”

    -- Gadamer, Truth and Method, 336


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