Prior Conversations

Mootz III, Francis J.

Professor of Law

April, 3rd 2021

What is Sex?

Does Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protect gays, lesbians and transgendered persons from employment discrimination because of "sex"? Can hermeneutical thinking help to resolve legal issues? Can hermeneutical thinkers learn from legal practice?

Here is some material you could read in preparation for this presentation:

Mootz, Francis J., III. 2018. “Judging Well.” Wash. U. Jurisprudence Rev. 11: 1.

"Gadamer and Jurisprudence" - forthcoming in the volume, The Gadamerian Mind (Routledge 2021)

Richard Kearney

Founder, The Guestbook Project

March, 7th 2021

The Guestbook Project

Richard Kearney will talk about the relation of hermeneutics to the Guestbook Project he leads. The project promotes, through the exchange of stories across groups in conflict, "the power of digital storytelling as a means of healing divisions."